CSA Phone Number

CSA Phone Number 0843 455 0070.

New claims should always call the Child maintenance Options Number first on
0843 455 0030.

Helping you and your spouse sort your child support finances out. First you should try to come to a private agreement between yourselves, but if that is not achievable you can call the CSA Number shown here and get them to help sort your child support out.

The Child Maintenance Service 0843 455 0070

Existing cases call your local office from the list below

For existing child Support cases you must call your local CSA office.

Your Area Phone Number
Belfast (East England) 0843 455 0072
Birkenhead (North West England) 0843 455 0073
Dudley (The Midlands) 0843 455 0074
Falkirk (Scotland & North East England) 0843 455 0071
Hastings (South East England) 0843 455 0075
Plymouth (South West England) 0843 455 0076

All new claims use the Child Maintenance service on 0843 455 0030.
For general Child support help.

Child Support Agency
P.O. Box: PO Box 22
EH91 5BE

Child Maintenance Service
Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 8.00 pm,
Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Email address birkenhead.nichl@cmed.gsi.gov.uk